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Bows for a Princess

If you have a baby girl, then I am sure you want to make her the fairest of them all. But with her barely-there hair, there isn't much you can do to prettify her hairstyle. Plus, you are getting tired of neighbors praising your poor pretty baby for how handsome he is! Your efforts of searching for the right baby hair bows have been in vain. But maybe that’s because you just haven’t been searching at the right  places. Read More.


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 Your baby is very fragile and sensitive. So is her hair. That's why you have to be careful with which baby hairbows you choose for her. They may make your baby look like a lovely little princess, but if you are not careful, some baby hair bows might pose some hazards too.

Baby hairbows can be choking hazards for children below three years old. Since most babies have fine, wispy hair, the hair accessories you put on your baby might slip easily and fall out. Before you know it, the hair clip might wind up in your curious baby's mouth or poke her in the eye! Other hair accessories, like headbands, can give your baby a headache, irritate her skin, or worse, become strangulation hazards if it slips down her neck.

But don't let this stop you from making your baby a beautiful little bud! Just make sure to look for baby hair bows that were designed to avoid such hazards. Choose ones that are non-slip. These are the kinds that devotedly stay on fine, wispy hair without tugging at it and hurting your little one. Some even have plush Swiss velvet on their baby hair bows for that guaranteed hold--not to mention a little extra glam!

Choosing the right baby hairbows is all a matter of smart choices in keeping your baby safe, while still making her the cutest little princess in town. But it doesn't end there. Some critics are warning parents about what they have called "princess parenting." Now, while most of us would think nothing of this harmless fantasy play (and maybe even think it's adorable), some would argue that this so-called "princess parenting" is detrimental to the child. Some believe that parents who allow their daughters to enjoy this pretend world might be raising narcissistic little divas. And these girls might grow up expecting the world to revolve around them and bow to their every whim! 

But even with these negative perceptions, the "princess industry" has been booming continuously in the past few years. With retailers cashing in on the hype, offering a whole range of baby gift items like baby hair bows with princess references on them. What parent of a little girl does not have at least one royal outfit with matching sparkly shoes and princess baby hair bows?

Perhaps this is because some mothers themselves were lavished with princess baby gifts when they were young. And yet grew up as the sensible, responsible, successful women they are today. Or perhaps it's the exact opposite: some mothers were not as privileged as the rest and never experienced such fantasy plays when they were young. And therefore they don’t want their own daughters to miss out this time.

So whatever fears are raised, more mothers still argue that all this royal role-playing is about giving their girls and daughters confidence in themselves, realizing their value as unique individuals and celebrating femininity. Or, at the very least, this is what they hope to achieve. So what if I put a princess baby bow on my baby? It just means that I see her as the fairest of them all. I want her to know how special she is inside and out. Hopefully, when she grows up, she won't allow anyone to tear her down and delude her into thinking otherwise.

Of course, it all boils down to guidance and moderation. There are merits in being cautious, lest you spoil your child rotten. Blaming narcissistic tendencies on glittery baby hair bows would be stretching it. After all, in the end, it's still the child's parents who reinforce those feelings. Being in a unique position of influence, parents should be careful how they shape their child's values. Don't belittle them, but don't inflate their egos either.

Personally, I don't think indulging in a few baby bows is such a terrible thing. It's allowing such items to seed a fantasy lifestyle in the child that we should be wary of. All the frilly dresses and fancy hair accessories don't magically transform the child into a self-absorbed, self-obsessed diva. Parents do. But this is only if we are not careful and allow the fantasy to feed and dictate our child's sense of self.

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